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Mossy Log Autumn
Soapstone Ridge Autumn View
Autumn Mountainside 1
East Fork Autumn 3
Roadside Color 1
Misty Autumn Morning in the Valley
Fall Pond Vertical 1
Fall Pond 1
Autumn Tree in Fog 3
Autumn Tree in Fog 2
Autumn Tree in Fog 1
Foggy Blue Ridge Morning Vertical 1
Autumn Valley with Clouds
Autumn Cloud Ridges 3
Autumn Cloud Ridges 2
Autumn Cloud Ridges 1
Foggy Blue Ridge Morning 1
Autumn Valley in the Mist 2
Beech and Balsam Mt Peak
Autumn Waters Flow
Autumn Mountain Ridges with Clouds
Autumn Greys Mountain Ridge 1
Foggy Mountain Valley View 1
Maple Leaves Puddle
The Fall Flow
Parkway Turks Cap Lily 3
Whitewater Falls in Autumn - Vertical
Downstream with Falls
Lower Pearsons Falls  Wide Autumn
Upper  and Lower Autumn
Pearsons Falls Detail 3
Pearsons Falls Detail 2
Pearsons Falls Detail 1
Catawba Falls 1
Catawba Falls Low
Moody Autumn Mountains 1
Fog Rolls Down
Early Autumn Mountain View 1
Blue Ridge Autumn Layers 1
Trailside Falls 3
Trailside Falls 2
Trailside Waterfall 1
Catawba Cascade Trio
Avery Creek Falls 1
Autumn Cascade Duo
Autumn Layers 1
Linn Cove Start
Rough Ridge on Blue Ridge Parkway
Linn Cove Viaduct Autmn Wide 1