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Ocean Tranquility Abstract 1
Autumn Mountainside 1
Moody Sea Vertical
Pacific Beach Flow
Pacific Tide
Pacific Pebbles 3
Pacific Pebbles 2
Pacific Pebbles 1
Autumn Layers 5
Autumn Layers 3
Autumn Layers 4
Cherry Blossoms with Leaves 4
Cherry Blossom and Buds 2
Cherry Blossom and Branches on Blue


Rusty Chevy V
49 Ford
Ford Thunderbird Emblem
Ford Falcon
Peach State Oldsmobile
Autumn Leaves and Pine Needles Bridge
Autumn Reflection Wide 1
Fall Overhang Reflection
Lake Reflect
Lake Reflect 2 Vertical
Lake Reflect with Green
Middle Saluda Autumn 2
Wet Autumn Leaves 2
Fall Cascade Overhang
Ghostly Autumn Trees
Fallen  Yellow Leaves with Green
Fall Cascades on the Middle Saluda River 2
Autumn Bridge to Trees
NC Scenic Blue Ridge Parkway Vertical
NC Scenic Blue Ridge Parkway 1
NC East Fork Autumn
Mossy Log Autumn
Soapstone Ridge Autumn View
Autumn Mountainside 1
East Fork Autumn 3
Roadside Color 1
Misty Autumn Morning in the Valley
Fall Pond Vertical 1
Fall Pond 1
Autumn Tree in Fog 3
Autumn Tree in Fog 2