Why do it?

If you have read any of my blog posts, have followed me on social media, or spent any length of time around me, you know that I’m a pretty deep thinker. I am constantly learning & growing as I progress on this Journey. In this progression I am always reevaluating & thinking of the “Whys”. Two of the big ones are: Why am I a photographer? & Why do I sell to the A+D Industry?

The short answer to “Why am I a photographer?” is simple, because I cannot NOT be one. Being a photographer is certainly not the path to monetary wealth, so in my younger years I tried to leave photography behind me and dove into the “lucrative” world of sales. It only took a few years of leaving my camera on a shelf for me to realize just how miserable I was NOT being a photographer. (It took my wife Kristie far less time to realize this!) I AM an artist, there is no getting around that. There is, however, more to the story.

The answer to “Why do I sell to the A+D Industry?” is actually tied in to the longer answer to “Why am I a photographer?” In order to really answer these 2 questions, I have to ask one more, “Who am I doing this for?” Obviously, I work to provide a living for myself & my family, and I sell to interior designers (& architects, art consultants, etc.) because they have a need for high-quality art. But the WHO I do this for isn’t me, isn’t my family, and isn’t even my own clients, the interior designers. I am a photographer to the A+D Industry to benefit these people:

  • The young soon-to-be parents anxiously awaiting the birth of their new son or daughter.
  • The Mom & Dad waiting in the ER with their child who got hurt in the soccer game.
  • The weary salesperson checking into another hotel, having been on the road away from her family.
  • The young couple who saved up for weeks in order to go out to the nice new restaurant in town.
  • The middle-aged couple celebrating their 25th anniversary by splurging on a romantic get-away.
  • The nurse who is in the middle of his double-shift at the hospital.
  • The cancer patient fighting, & fighting, & fighting some more.
  • The office worker who works late to fulfill dreams of moving up the corporate ladder.
  • The homeowners who have saved for years in order to build their dream home.

These and every unique person who moves in and out and through interior spaces is who I make inspiring photographing for and the “Why?” is because I want to bring happiness & healing in the best way I know how. Even if my photographs only play a small part, that part is an important one to me.

Yellow Daisy

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