One Photo, Endless Variations

I am often asked if I have any more B&W images available since I have only a few shown in my galleries. My response is usually something like, “Actually, all 1500+ are available as B&W.” That fact is that there is nearly an endless number of variations to each of my photos. Whether analog or digital, photography has always offered many creative ways to vary the final printed photo. Quite possibly one of the most famous photographer ever, Ansel Adams, even wrote a series of books describing his creative process from the camera to negative to print. Today with digital technologies I could spend all day, every day editing my images in creative ways. (I also have some cool analog tricks up my sleeves that I’ll write about in the future.)


The nine examples shown above represent a scratch to the surface of what can be done.There aren’t a lot of variations of images on my website, because I don’t believe that there is a one-size-fits-all approach to creative editing. Each photo is different so there is no “magic button” to making a great B&W or other creative variation.  Some of variations of an image take only few seconds to accomplish (to someone who knows what they’re doing, that is.), while others are much more layered & nuanced, therefore, taking more time.

While I will be adding more of these creative variations to the galleries soon to serve as examples, I would rather work with you to find out what you need for a particular project or application, and then tailor each image to fit your needs & vision. I love to collaborate with other creatives, so let’s work together to “WOW!” your clients!


Toned B&W photos cropped square & printed on 100% recycled aluminum. Memorial Hermann -TMC Obstetrics Department – Houston, Texas – American Art Resources – (photo courtesy Curry Boudreaux Architects)


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