Having studied both photojournalism and fine art photography at the collegiate level, I feel that I bring a unique, eclectic perspective to the craft. In college and on the job at newspapers I, also, learned the fine art of critiquing and editing photographs which pushes me to continue to improve my skills. This continued learning and improving led me from shooting 35mm film to shooting medium and large format film and then, eventually, to digital photography.

I border on the obsessive when it comes to the quality of my finished product which is why I have spent a lot of time perfecting my printing skills in addition to my shooting & post-processing skills. I firmly believe that a photograph isn’t finished until it is printed. Even a poor quality image can look good at 1000 pixels wide on a computer screen. The true quality of a photograph (and the photographer)  is revealed when an image is printed large. Flaws like graininess, poor focusing, camera shake, improper exposure, lack of detail, etc. cannot hide in a large print. I work hard & smart throughout the process to insure inspiring & healing photography for you and your clients.

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