Let me start by saying that I’m not a huge fan of the term “green” because it, much like “natural”, has been co-opted as a marketing slogan.  It does, however, fit in the Menu Bar of my website better than “environmental sustainability”, a descriptive phrase that I prefer since it speaks more to a lifestyle than a buying/consumer preference.  A lifestyle is long term and far sighted while a preference is here today and gone tomorrow. While I trust that my photography is inspiring & healing, I want my life to be doing the same.

Living a lifestyle that is environmentally (& socially) sustainable is much more difficult than it should be, but very rewarding. My family and I definitely have our shortcomings in this, but we are getting there. I think we still have a  frustratingly long way to go, but we have certainly come a long way from where we started just a few years ago. We recycle, raise chickens, grow much of our own food, buy local, conserve electricity and gas, etc. now but have plans to change our lifestyle even more within the next 5 years.

Some of my sustainable business practices:

  • Offer recycled material options, including 100% post-consumer recycled paper & 100% recycled aluminum.
  • Use a 100% wind powered webhost. (And before that I had a 100% solar powered host!)
  • Use EnergyStar certified monitors, computers, and printers.
  • Use no V.O.C. water based pigmented inks.
  • Use eco-friendly wood composite frames whenever possible. (Made from post-industrial wood waste.)
  • Practice Leave No Trace principles when I am out shooting.

Whether you are designing for healthcare, hospitality, corporate, or residential interiors, we have artwork that is eco-friendly!